Bigger, Badder, Better

I know what you are all thinking…

“He is at it again! Will he ever learn?”

Yes, I am at it again. No I will not likely learn any time soon. This time I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix.


I bought it from a gentleman named Jay, on the Craigslist. He put out the ad for the car and did not misrepresent it one bit. He was very honest in the details and made sure that the potential buyer knew the car had a bad transmission.

I made an appointment to see the car and asked him why he was selling such a beautiful car for so cheap. He explained to me that the transmission had a hole in it and would not keep automatic transmission fluid in it. Without ATF, the car would not drive properly, thus making it a bargain for anyone willing to fix it. I asked him why he did not just get it fixed, as it was a fairly low mile vehicle that was in very good shape. He explained to me that all of the maintenance had been done on schedule, but over time, it started to sit longer than his other cars and he realized he did not have justifiable use to keep it around.

I spoke with him some more and found that he, like myself, was a gearhead and enjoyed working on most anything with an engine and wheels. I showed him pictures of my FrankenJeep build and of the J20 I have. He insisted that I keep him up to date with those. Then I told him what I planned on doing with my new Grand Prix, I explained to him that I had a 1997 Buick Regal GS that was… “supercharged?” he grinned.

He knew. He knew all too well. He told me of his father’s GS and showed me pictures.

The heavens opened and angels descended. I knew I had the right car, and Jay knew he had the right buyer.

This is the rest of that story.


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